New Worker Relocation Grant Program

Thank you for your interest in the New Worker Grant Program. The New Worker Relocation Grant Program is fully subscribed at this time (10/07/2020). Our team is continuing to process applications submitted to date in the order they were received until all funds have been awarded. 

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The criteria outlined below will be used to determine eligibility for the New Worker Relocation Grant Program. Applicants must meet all criteria to be eligible.

An eligible applicant is someone who, on or after January 1, 2020

  1. Relocated to Vermont and became a full-time resident; and
  2. Became a full-time employee of a Vermont business; and
  3. Incurred qualified expenses; and
  4. Is employed in an occupation identified by the Vermont Department of Labor in its 2016–2026 Long Term Occupational Projectionsand
  5. The wage for the position meets the minimum wage requirement.

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