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Economic Recovery Grant Program Application

Before you begin this application process, please complete these pre-application steps.

Do you have all the information you need? Or have additional questions?

  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Review the Application Guide
  • Collect all the required documents and make sure they are saved in PDF format.
  • If you have more questions, you can reach out to us using our "Economic Recovery Grants Live Chat" feature located on bottom of the webpage or by calling 802-828-1200.

Are you applying in the right place?

This application is for businesses applying for the Vermont Emergency Economic Recovery Grants administered by ACCD.

You cannot qualify for grants with multiple agencies. Contact the agency that applies to your business (see below) to understand your options before proceeding with this application. 

Landlords and tenants should apply for a grant from the Rental Housing Stabilization Program.

Sole proprietors—businesses that are owned by a single person and do not have employees—are not eligible for ACCD Economic Recovery Grants. Sole proprietors and other businesses without a “W-2” employee and located outside of Burlington may instead qualify for a grant via the Sole Proprietor Stabilization Program. (The Sole Proprietor Stabilization Program is now closed. Another tranche of funding is expected to be released soon.) Unless your business is a minority- or women-owned business, you must have at least one non-owner employee to be eligible for an ACCD Economic Recovery Grant. The employee must be a “W-2” employee, meaning your business issues them a W-2. They do not need to be a full-time employee.

Agricultural producers and processors should apply for a grant administered by the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets. 

Forestry businesses should apply for a grant administered by the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.

Healthcare providers should apply for a grant administered by the Agency of Human Services.

Childcare providers, summer camps, afterschool programs, parent child centers or children’s integrated services providers should apply for funding through the Department for Children and Families.

Cities, towns, villages, or other government entities should apply for funding through the Agency of Administration.

Still with us? Here are the businesses that can apply for an ACCD grant:

Most other businesses that do not collect the Rooms & Meals Tax and/or Sales & Use Tax OR report to the Department of Taxes on these taxes only on an annual basis (usually because of small collection amounts) can apply for a grant administered by ACCD. 

Non-profit arts and culture organizations, outdoor recreation businesses, and women- and minority-owned businesses (including sole proprietors) have specific set-aside grant dollars as part of the Economic Recovery Grant Program and may apply for grants administered by ACCD.

Businesses that are primarily restaurants, bars, lodging properties, and retail establishments that collect Rooms & Meals Tax and/or Sales & Use Tax and report on a monthly or quarterly basis should apply for an Economic Recovery Grant through the Department of Taxes. 

I am in the right place and ready to apply. What is the next step?

This application process is online and mobile friendly. It is recommended that you use a modern web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported and may not function properly.

Applicants will need to establish an application account that includes a username (which must be in the format of an email address) and a password. Only one application may be submitted for any single email address.

Once you have started an application, be sure to remember the email address and password that you used so that you may return to the application to complete it and to track its progress.

You will be notified by email when your application is complete, whether more information is necessary, or when you have been accepted for a grant.

It is very important to enter in ALL required information correctly upon applying. The business name on your application must match the business name on your federal tax filings. Any improperly submitted applications will be categorized as incomplete. If edits are required (email address, incomplete documents, incorrect business ID information) you will receive an email with instructions for you to make those required edits, and you will need to resubmit your application. Please note that the documents that you upload will be used by ACCD to verify the accuracy of the entries on your application. Any discrepancies may impact your eligibility and/ or the amount of your ultimate award.

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