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Technical Assistance

The following organizations and resources are available to assist communities in their response to COVID-19.

Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development

The Department of Housing and Community Development can provide support and assistance for communities as they work to build recovery and resilience. Find programs and contact information.

Community Recovery Strategies

The Local Support and Community Action Team – a committee of Vermont Governor Scott's Economic Mitigation & Recovery Task Force – was formed to develop strategies to speed long-term community recovery. Their new website shares stand-out examples of best practices and other news in the Vermont community recovery.

Vermont Council on Rural Development

The Vermont Council on Rural Development can help communities connect to key resources and to troubleshoot and support meeting facilitation for community response. They have also developed a COVID-19 resource page.

Community Response Toolkit

Statewide and Regional community response partners have built a Community Response Toolkit to help community groups organize local response and share best practice and strategies.

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