Buy Local Holiday Marketing

The Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, in collaboration with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, launched, a holiday shopping promotional campaign to highlight Vermont producers and merchants. Supported via CARES Act funding, this campaign includes both statewide and regional components across an array of media. Statewide, the campaign encourages online and brick-and-mortar shopping at Vermont-based merchants. Regionally, the campaign supports online sales of Vermont-made products.


For Producers/Makers

To be eligible to participate in this program, applicants must:

  1. be headquartered in Vermont
  2. produce product that:
    1. is primarily made/transformed in Vermont
    2. aligns with a product category that is part of this program
    3. is suitable for gifts
  3. sell products online
  4. be willing and able to offer a 10% discount via a code (to be provided) and be willing to share information about the code's usage at your online store
  5. be able to ship products within the U.S. (There is an exception for products with limited distribution due to federal and/or state regulations.)

For Merchants/Retailers

To be eligible to participate in this program, applicants must:

  1. be headquartered in Vermont
  2. have a physical store location in Vermont
  3. offer products that:
    1. are suitable for gifts
    2. align with one or more product categories that are part of this program

Selection Process

The State of Vermont has discretion in selecting the businesses and/or products that will be included in this program, and can limit participation based on, but not limited to, the following:

  1. whether the business and/or products are appropriate for and aligned with this Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) program
  2. the total number of participants, and the number of participants within a given category or subcategory
  3. the timeliness, completeness and quality of the business and/or product information provided

The State of Vermont reserves the right to include any subset of, and/or edit for length or clarity, the information provided via this application.

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