Emergency Executive Orders Impacting Vermont Businesses

Date Enacted Reference Title
3/30/2020 Addendum 7 to Executive Order 01-20 Quarantine Restrictions on Travelers Arriving in Vermont
3/26/2020 Directive 5 (pursuant to EO 01-20) Continuity of Learning Planning
3/24/2020 Addendum 6 to Executive Order 01-20 Stay Home/Stay Safe
3/23/2020 Addendum 5 to Executive Order 01-20 Order to Work From Home for all Businesses and Non-Profits
3/21/2020 Addendum 4 to Executive Order 01-20 Closure of Close-Contact Businesses and Further Restrictions of the Size of Mass Gatherings
3/20/2020 Addendum 3 to Executive Order 01-20 Suspension of all Non-Essential Adult Elective Surgery and Medical and Surgical Procedures
3/19/2020 Directive 4 (pursuant to EO 01-20) Delivery and Take-Out of Beverage Alcohol – Department of Liquor and Lottery
3/18/2020 Directive 3 (pursuant to EO 01-20) Department of Motor Vehicles Suspension of In-Person Transactions
3/17/2020 Directive 2 (pursuant to EO 01-20) Childcare for essential service providers
3/16/2020 Addendum 2 to EO 01-20 Restaurant, bar, or establishment on-premises restriction
3/15/2020 Gubernatorial Directive  Closing schools effective 3/18 and addressing continuity of learning
3/13/2020 Addendum 1 to EO 01-20 Prohibition of non-essential mass gatherings to the lesser of fifty (50) people or fifty percent
3/13/2020 EO 01-20 Declaration of State of Emergency in Response to COVID-19 and National Guard Call Out

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