Planning and Permitting Innovations

While the COVID-19 work at home order remains in effect for local, regional and state governments, the Community Planning + Revitalization Division offers a pop-up series of conversations on Vermont Planning & Permitting Innovations, focused on tools to help communities adapt to the rapidly changing world.  Please scroll down to register for the upcoming webinar on Parking Regulations, Thursday, June 4 from 3-4 PM.

Expanding Administrative Review 

Thursday April 30, 2020
1 AICP CM Credit available for viewing video and resources
Discussion with two Vermont municipal planners that have shifted approval for small, routine, low-impact permitting decisions from board reviews to quicker and more nimble administrative reviews, as well as for more complex projects in Form Based Code districts:  
Paul Conner, Director of Planning and Zoning, AICP, City of South Burlington
Eric Vorwald, Planning and Zoning Manager, AICP, City of Winooski

Introduction to the Webinar (MP4, 2 min)
Conversation with Paul Conner and Eric Vorwald - Recorded Webinar (MP4, 57 min)
Statututes Addressing Administrative Review - Slides (PDF)

Regulations Discussed:
South Burlington Land Development Regulations – see Section 14.09 Administrative Review
Winooski Land Use and Development Regulations – see Appendix B – Form Based Code

Conversation #2
Updating Neighborhood Regulations – Legalizing the Homes you Have and Need

Thursday May 21, 2020
1 AICP CM Credit  available for viewing video and resources

Do your regulations make typical properties in existing neighborhoods non-conforming?  Does your community need a wider range of homes to thrive?  If so, you’ll want to hear from two Vermont municipalities that have updated land use regulations and taken other measures to make their zoning fit better and allow more homes.  Learn about their approaches – the types of regulations adopted, the methods for gaining support, and the non-regulatory initiatives underway to stimulate new home creation.

Janet Hurley, Director of Planning and Zoning, Town of Manchester
Mike Miller, AICP, CFM, Director of Planning & Community Development, City of Montpelier

Webinar Video (MP4 1 hour)
Q&A Supplement (PDF)
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Regulations Discussed:
Manchester Land Use and Development Ordinance
Montpelier Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Updating Parking Regulations
Rethinking the Municipality’s Role in Managing Parking

Thursday June 4, 2020
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ACIP CM Credit Link for viewing video and resources 

Most zoning regulations do a great job of ensuring ample free parking is available with any new permit, but do we want and need so much land devoted to parking?  Hear from municipalities that are modifying or even eliminating minimum parking space requirements and better managing parking overall to create more vibrant communities with increased land values and infill opportunities, less stormwater runoff, and more walking and biking.    

Sue Fillion, Director of Planning and Zoning, Town of Brattleboro
Paul Conner, Director of Planning and Zoning, AICP, City of South Burlington

Webinar Video (MP4)
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Regulations Discussed:
Brattleboro Land Use Regulations
South Burlington Land Development Regulations




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