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Tourism by the Numbers

A presenter going over the numbers at VTS '16.
A presenter going over the numbers at VTS '16

In addition to the research and data behind the economic impact and visitor profiles, VDTM works closely with its counterparts in state government on additional efforts. Below is a list of additional tourism indicators that help paint the picture of the impact of tourism in Vermont.

The Vermont Brand

State of Vermont moon over mountains logo.
State of Vermont moon over mountains logo

In 2010, Vermont’s Chief Marketing Officer, with the Department of Tourism and Marketing and the Vermont Ski Area Association, completed a research project to study the perceptions of Vermont and how these perceptions affect decision making for choosing a vacation destination.

Visitor Profiles

Vermont visitor profiles fact sheet.
Vermont visitor profiles fact sheet

2013 Vermont Tourism Industry Fact Sheet

Highlights from the 2013 study include:

Tourism Research

The Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, which is part of the State’s Agency for Commerce and Community Development, works every two years to compile robust tourism-related economic data and insights.

We use this large collection of information to inform businesses and attractions about the latest travel trends in Vermont, as well as how visitors’ dollars are being spent.

Domestic and International Markets

International sales help bring extended stays.
International sales help bring extended stays

The domestic travel market remains vital to Vermont tourism, consistently bringing in strong numbers of visitors throughout the year. This market primarily consists of tourists that drive to Vermont from areas across the Northeast, but it also includes more distant domestic travelers from key U.S. areas that may drive or fly-in.

Industry Partners

Industry partners presenting at VTS '16.
Industry partners presenting at VTS '16

Vermont’s tourism industry would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the marketing partners who participate in group efforts to help bring new visitors to the state. By partnering with them, it helps to merge multiple Vermont brands into one core voice that promotes the state as an attractive travel destination.

A special thanks goes out to our partners below:

How We Promote Vermont

The Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing (VDTM) is constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to promote Vermont as an outstanding travel destination.

Tourism and Marketing

Tourism is one of the largest industries in Vermont, as the state welcomes nearly 13 million visitors each year. These visitors account for close to $2.5 billion in annual spending on lodging, food and drink, goods and services.


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