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Historic Preservation

Vermont’s rich legacy of historic resources is as diverse as it is engaging. From 12,000-year-old Native American sites to rambling 19th century farms, railroad-spawned villages of the 1870s to gleaming, streamlined diners that sustained auto-borne patrons road tripping through the 1930s, each of the buildings, structures, and spaces tell a story of who we are and what we cherish.

The Vermont Division for Historic Preservation keeps hundreds of years of history alive and vital, engaging people of all walks in Vermont’s past through collecting, preserving and discovering a shared priority and value for the human spirit that preceded us.

Our programs support the continued use of our historical assets, and the integration of our history into our future planning and growth, job creation and communities’ culture. Through grants, review and compliance, and the operation of a statewide system of State-owned historic sites, we foster protection, research, education and interpretation of Vermont’s historic resources.

The Vermont Division for Historic Preservation is sponsoring 3D Vermont; a contest for middle and high school students that challanges them to utilize cutting edge-technologies to model iconic historic buildings in Vermont.

Please check out the link for more information: 3D Vermont

Historic Resources
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Vermont Division for Historic Preservation is changing the format for submitting information to the Division as of January 1, 2014.  
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