Department of Housing & Community Development

Plan Today for Tomorrow's Flood

The Community Planning and Revitalization Division continues to work with Vermont communities and partners to incorporate the lessons learned from past flooding to make communities safer, reduce the cost of future damage and protect vital areas of economic activity.

Vermont Economic Resiliency Initiative (VERI) - describes the data gathering, the community ranking process, the community engagement, the review of polices and the steps to help communities remain open for business after disaster strikes. 

Flood Preparation Toolbox - a series of concise information sheets, checklists and more advanced tools to help communities and businesses weather the next storm ranging from debris management to floodproofing techniques. 

Flood Ready Vermont - statewide flood maps and an array of resources designed to help cities and towns, businesses and individuals reduce flood risks.

Disaster Recovery Guide for Businesses - contains checklists; to do lists; and worksheets to help keep all important business information in one place. 

Flood Resilience Checklist for Vermont Municipalities - for towns and cities seeking ways to reduce the cost and damage of flooding. Especially useful when updating a municipal or hazard mitigation plan, Based on the EPA checklist developed in the Mad River Valley.  See details on the  Rebuilding Stronger page.  

Resilient Vermont - led by the Institute for Sustainable Communities, this new collaboration of Vermont organizations and agencies is actively working to improve alignment, coordination and communication to implement projects supporting Vermont’s resilience. The network’s top priorities include funding to buyout flood-prone properties and supporting implementation of the VERI community recommendations.   

The Vermont Downtown Action Team [V-DAT] - action-oriented plans to strengthen the identity and economic vitality of eight downtowns and villages affected by Tropical Storm Irene.

Community Recovery Partnership (CRP) - documenting the lessons learned in the 2011 floods that devastated Vermont. 

Faith Ingulsrud, Planning Coordinator