Department of Housing & Community Development

Plan Today for Tomorrow's Flood

How can our communities better prepare for future flood events? How can a town’s plan, visions policies and regulations be improved to better support flood resilience?   These were some of the questions citizens raised through the Community Recovery Partnership (CRP) forums in the months following the floods of 2011 that devastated Vermont.

Community Resilience - The ability to adapt to changing conditions and be prepared to withstand, and recover from, disruptions due to emergencies.

The Community Planning and Revitalization Division continues to work with Vermont communities and partners to incorporate the lessons learned from past flooding to make communities safer, reduce the cost of future damage and protect vital areas of economic activity and community services. Our planning initiatives include:

Vermont Economic Resiliency Initiative (VERI) - recommendations to help Vermont and 5 communities recover quickly and remain open for business after disaster strikes.

Rebuilding Stronger - offers guidance to Vermont's local and state governments in preparing for future flooding.

The Vermont Downtown Action Team [V-DAT] - building action-oriented plans to strengthen the identity and economic vitality of eight downtowns and villages affected by Tropical Storm Irene. 

Flood Ready Vermont - resources designed to help Vermont communities become more flood resilient.

Floodproofing Case Studies -3 fact sheets demonstrating different techniques for floodproofing commercial and historic buildings.

Disaster Recovery Guide for Businesses - contains all the steps you need to take, and all the information you need to gather post-disaster.

Faith Ingulsrud, Planning Coordinator