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Four VCDP funded projects

Vermont Community Development Program


Fair Housing Training
  September 8, 2016
  October 6, 2016

The Vermont Community Development Program (VCDP) assists communities on a competitive basis by providing financial and technical assistance to identify and address local needs in the areas of:

  • housing
  • economic development
  • public facilities
  • public services
  • handicapped accessibility modifications

VCDP is governed by the federal Housing and Community Development Act 42 U.S.C. § 5301et seq. (the “Federal Act”) and related regulations, and the Vermont Community Development Act, 10 V.S.A. chapter 29, sub-chapter 1 (the “State Act”).


Any Vermont town, city (except Burlington), incorporated village chartered to function as a general purpose unit of local government, or a consortium of such entities, is eligible for funding. However the majority of projects are a coordinated effort between the municipalities, community groups and local or state non-profit organizations or small businesses.

Grant Types

VCDP provides federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for eligible activities through the following application types:

VCDP funds must primarily benefit persons of low and moderate income.  In addition, assistance is provided to communities for threats of health and safety issues as urgent needs and slums and blight projects.

Annual Report

An annual summary of projects selected for funding is available for the Vermont Community Development Program.  See below for the most recent reports.

Cindy Blondin, Grants Specialist