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Partners a Vital part of our success.

Community Development Opportunities

A strong, resilient community is…

An urban, suburban or rural community that has more housing and transportation choices, is closer to jobs, shops or schools, is more energy independent and helps protect clean air and water for all citizens.

Vermont is home to some of the strongest communities in the country. The state has been named the healthiest, the greenest and, per capita, the state with the most green jobs nationally; and Vermonters spend the greatest number of local dollars on local foods. Business site and thrive in Vermont because of the access to federal and state leaders along with a supportive, creative peer network. Our success has not happened without a comprehensive and collaborative approach whether in economic or community development.

We believe that for Vermont to grow and thrive we need to carefully integrate growth, environmental protection and economic opportunities into our state, regional and local framework.

Our Agency provides training, technical assistance and regulatory guidance as well as funding and incentives. We help businesses, individuals, municipalities and community leaders determine how to maximize their infrastructure, revitalize town centers, protect our historic and cultural resources, promote the working landscape, develop housing options that are affordable, and develop new projects that support the state’s land use goals and recreational opportunities.

In this section of our website, you'll be able to learn more about how communities are implementing these goals and also have access to resources that can help strengthen our local and state-wide economy.