Department of Housing & Community Development

Housing Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

For easy reference, key rules and regulations that govern the state's housing can be accessed below.

Rental Housing

Vermont Landlord-Tenant Law (9 VSA Chapter 137)

Fair Housing Law (9 VSA Chapter 139 Sect 4503)

Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Park Act (10 VSA Chapter 153)

Summary of MHP Provisions of Act 137 (pdf) 

Housing Division Rules

These Rules are effective February 1, 2013. 

Rules Cover (pdf)

Table of Contents (pdf)

Part I Mobile Home Parks (pdf)

Part II Mediation and Legal  Services Payments and CPI for Lot Rent Disputes (pdf)

Part III Mobile Home Park Warranty of Habitability (pdf)

Part IV Administration of the Charitable Investment Tax Credit (pdf)

Amendments in Part I Mobile Home Parks include:

● Requirements for admission and selling or subletting in parks ● Providing or renewing leases ● Increased notice period required before closing a mobile home park ● Notification of intent to sell required before closing a park unless not selling the property for five years ● Limitations on lot rent increases when closing a park ● Increased negotiation period for park sale notices ● Clarification of the requirement to give a new sale notice before selling a park if the price changes

Other changes include: ● The new name of the Department ● Aligning the definition of leaseholder in the rule with statute ● Correct use of the terms leaseholder, resident or mobile home owner ● Right to bring an eviction based on criminal activity within 60 days of arraignment ● Requirement to send sale notices “return receipt requested” ● Description of the obligation of good faith, and expiration of sale notices

Amendments in Part II Mediation and Legal Services and Consumer Price Index include:

● Updating the eligibility requirements for mediators to be on the department’s roster of mediators for lot rent disputes ● Requiring mediators to submit invoices within 90 days

Amendments in Part III Warranty of Habitability

● Added new rule 13 Premises clarifying responsibility for trees and drainage, and snow removal

Rulemaking Schedule

June 28, 2012
Pre-file Draft Proposed Rules with the Agency of Administration, Interagency Committee on Administrative Rules

July 13, 2012
File Proposed Rules with the Secretary of State, Vermont State Archives and Records Division

August 21, 2012
Public Hearing in the Calvin Coolidge room; 1 National Life Drive, North Lobby, 6th Floor at 9:30 a.m.

Hearing Notes (pdf)

September 20, 2012
Deadline for written comments

November 27, 2012
File Final Proposed Rules with the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, and Secretary of State Archives and Records Division

December 13, 2012
Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules Hearing

January 17, 2013
File Adopted Rules with the Secretary of State Archives and Records Division and Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules

February 1, 2013
Effective Date of Amended Rules

Relevant Legislation

Act 176 of 2008

Act 137 of 2012

Act 140 of 2010

Mobile Home Sale or Transfer

Mobile homes; sales, price disclosure (9 VSA Chapter 72)

Sale or transfer of mobile homes; taxes (32 VSA Ch 133 Sect 5079)


Statute relating to condominiums in Vermont. May not apply if condominium was established before January 1, 1999 or has fewer than 24 units:

Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (27A VSA; 1994)

Statute relating to condominiums in Vermont, including Protection of Tenants in Conversion of Mobile Home Parks. Applies to all properties which have submitted a "Declaration of Condominium" which is a legal document and filed in the town land records:

Condominium Ownership Act (27 VSA Chapter 15; 1967)

Arthur Hamlin, Housing Program Coordinator - Mobile Home Parks