Department of Housing & Community Development

Mobile home park winter scene

Mobile Home Parks Program

The Department enforces Vermont's mobile home laws which are designed to protect the safety and rights of owners and residents.  It has adopted rules concerning mobile home park leases, rent increases, the sale or closure of mobile home parks, and mobile home park habitability, and conducts an annual registration of parks.  The department serves as a resource on mobile home and park issues.
Complete Mobile Home Parks Program Description (doc)


Information for mobile home owners and leaseholders in parks about your rights and where to find assistance plus HUD manufactured housing information for mobile home owners and buyers in Vermont. Find lists of mobile home parks and available lots in Vermont. Visit our homeowner's resource page for information on financing or repair loans.

Park Owners

Information for park owners including required terms in lot leases and how to go about selling or closing a park or raising the rent, and submitting your annual registration.

Forms & Notices

Forms and required Notices for park owners and mobile home owners; Uniform Mobile Home Bill of Sale and links to Tax forms (Landlord Certificate).

Mobile Home Facts

Lots of information about mobile homes, mobile home parks, and who lives in them. 2015 Registry List of Mobile Home Parks.

Online Registration

Outside link to the online annual registration service for park owners. Due on September 1 annually.

Nonprofit Parks

A comprehensive listing of vacant lots and current lot rent in Vermont's nonprofit and cooperative parks, updated periodically.

Report on the Viability and Disaster Resilience of Mobile Home Ownership and Parks (pdf)

The completed report and recommendations for the future viability and disaster resilience of mobile homeownership and parks required by Section 4 of Act 137 of 2012.

Mobile Home Park Risk Assessment Tool (.xlsx) 
Excel spreadsheet showing mobile home parks' flood and river corridor hazard status, infrastructure and permit data, rent and vacancy data, and summary from the most recent Mobile Home Park Registration. File will open in new window.  Click Enable Editing to allow mobile home parks to be sorted and filtered by user.  Recent update July 22, 2016.

Email Risk Assessment Tool Update for any updates or corrections. Please include your name, MHP ID and name of park, and source of the information you are providing.

Municipalities (pdf)

Guidance document developed jointly by the community planning division and mobile home park program, this informative resource helps municipal zoning and planning officials understand the legal requirements of dealing with existing mobile home parks as well as new mobile / manufactured housing developments, and why "free standing" municipal ordinances to regulate mobile home parks are no longer allowed.

Arthur Hamlin, Housing Program Coordinator - Mobile Home Parks