Department of Housing & Community Development

Before and after: C.1895 home rehabilitated with federal tax credits providing six units of affordable housing
Renovated foreclosure home for sale through HARP/Vermont NSP
Nonprofit owned mobile home park in Braintree
New neighborhood of seven duplex buildings utilizing solar to pre-heat water in Bennington


Safe, adequate, physically accessible and affordable housing is a basic need of all Vermonters and it is a cornerstone of a viable economy and healthy communities.  The Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) coordinates and oversees the implementation of the state's housing policy, facilitates collaboration among state housing agencies, serves as a resource to housing providers and promotes the production and preservation of housing that is affordable to all. 

DHCD assures our neighborhoods and communities are strong, and that housing choice exists with proximity to jobs, shops and schools through its programs, staff activities and leadership of the Vermont Housing Council. The Housing Division administers the Mobile Home Parks Program and the Charitable Housing Investment Tax Credit and coordinates development of the state's HUD Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development.

Funding & Incentives

Learn about funding available for housing development and how you can support affordable housing through the state's housing investment tax credit.  

Housing Resources

Helpful information for homeowners, renters and landlords, plus housing links, fair housing, and a directory of Vermont housing organizations.

Mobile Home Parks

Guidance for mobile home park owners and residents as well as program forms and notices.


Participate in development of the HUD Consolidated Plan, read about Vermont housing needs and learn what the state is doing to remove impediments to fair housing choice.

Rules and Regulations

Links to relevant statutes, housing division rules, and Vermont condominium laws.

Josh Hanford, Deputy Commissioner of DHCD