EO 03-16 Housing Access Reporting Tool

 Executive Order 03-16 "Publicly Funded Housing for the Homeless". This Order establishes a goal to make at least 15% of the housing units that have received state-controlled funding available to Vermonters experiencing homelessness. In order to track progress towards this goal and to identify gaps in the support system needed to successfully house vulnerable Vermonters the Housing Access Reporting Tool was developed. This tool is to be used by the owners of publicly funded housing to report on their progress, challenges and successes in working towards this goal. 

Below, please find links to a Cover Letter describing the inpetus for and use of the Tool, a link to the Tool itself, as well as a glossary of terms used in the Tool. 

Housing Access Reporting Tool Cover Letter

Housing Access Reporting Tool

Glossary of Terms for Housing Access Reporting Tool

HUD Homeless Definition and Recordkeeping Requirements Criteria

The reporting period for the 2017 Housing Access Report is to align with the State Fiscal Year (July 1 through June 30) and will be due to the Department of Housing and Community Development by January 15, 2018. Reports will be distributed by the Department to the Agency of Human Services, Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and Vermont Housing Finance Agency.

Completed reports should be sent electronically to:

Shaun Gilpin - shaun.gilpin@vermont.gov

Any questions about the reporting process should be directed to the same address and a compilation of questions received and corresponding answers will be listed below. 


Questions received:

- Q:  In the case that a rental property has multiple General Partners who intend to complete the Housing Access Reporting Tool (HART), which Partner should include the metrics on the property in question in their HART Report?

- A: For properties that have multiple General Partners, the units of the property in question should be reported on by the Partner that oversees daily management activities of the property, or as otherwise agreed to by the General Partners. 



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