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The State of Vermont Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AI) is a report required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that seeks to identify the various factors that may affect fair housing choice in Vermont and to develop an action plan to overcome them. The AI is conducted every five years in connection with the State's programs funded by HUD.

The last Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing was published in 2012 and is due for an update. Working with a number of stakeholders, DHCD has drafted update documents for this Analysis and is open for public comment. The following are proposed updates to the Analysis of Impediments:

Impediments to Fair Housing and Strategies to Combat Impediments - a list of the identified barriers to housing access and proposed actions to remove those barriers.

Fair Housing Action Plan - a list of the impediments identified in 2012 and proposed action with status updates.

2017 Analysis of Impediments

In April of 2017 the 5-year update to the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing was finalized and published. This document is designed to draw on the 2012 Analysis with updates to pertinent sections.

Final AI April, 2017

2012 Analysis of Impediments 

Errata Sheet 3-25-2013 (pdf - 2.7 MB)
This corrects information on page 26 and subsequent maps in the final AI related to areas of racial and/or ethnic concentration.  

Final AI April 2012 (pdf - 7.4 MB) 

Consultant's AI Presentation Slides (pdf)

AI Meeting and Public Hearing notes February 13, 2012 for 3:30 pm meeting (doc)
AI Meeting and Public Hearing notes February 13, 2012 for 6:30 pm meeting (doc)

2006 Analysis of Impediments

Vermont's previous AI conducted in 2006.

Executive Summary (pdf)
Section IV:  Impediments and Remedial Actions (pdf)


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