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Why Vermont?

From major corporate headquarters to small companies with a global reach, Vermont’s economy is diverse, full of innovation and propelled by a world-class workforce.

Great Place to Grow

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·        VT Technology Alliance's "Tappin' Tech Publication

Quality of Life - Vermont's natural beauty has beckoned many to move for a wide variety of living opportunities, expanding economic opportunities, recreational and cultural activities and more

Workforce...we know that your greatest asset is your workforce. That’s why we continue to develop innovative, easy- to-use training programs to support new hires, provide upgrade training and customized skills upgrades. Find out more:  Vermont Training Program  | Workforce Education and Training Fund

Accessible and Close to Major Markets…Whether by air or car, Vermont is easily accessible from NYC, Boston and Montreal. The Port of Montreal allows for easy shipment of products and our Burlington International Airport has a variety of direct flights.

Did you know that Vermont....

·        Is home to some of the most cutting-edge companies in the world.

·        Leads in composite manufacturing in Vermonts Southwestern region.

·        Ranks #1 for green job creation including most solar jobs per capita since 2012.

·        Was ranked 8th in the U.S. in the Index of Entrepreneurial Activity by the Kaufman Foundation (2012)

·        TechNet recently ranked Vermont seventh in the nation for broadband adoption, network quality and State policy support.

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