Department of Economic Development

Vermont Training Program

The Vermont Training Program (VTP) provides comprehensive resources to prepare Vermont’s workforce for new and enhanced positions with Vermont's diversified base of employers. We recognize markets and technology are ever-changing, therefore our workforce must be able to adapt to remain competitive in a global marketplace. This customized training program assists employers to keep workers’ skills current. We partner with employers and training providers to train Vermont's workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.

VTP has two primary goals: job creation and job retention. To accomplish these goals, VTP offers funds for the training of new hires and incumbent workers. Training can fall into categories such as on-the-job, classroom, or other specialized training. Grants can cover up to 50% of the training cost. By providing training funds for new and existing businesses, the skills of Vermont’s workforce are increased as are Vermonters’ wages and standard of living.

Who may apply?

VTP specializes in serving companies in the sectors of: manufacturing, health care, telecommunications, information technology, and environmental engineering.

What are the eligibility requirements?
  • Training supplements, rather than replaces, the company’s ongoing normal training efforts and is directly related to work responsibilities
  • Employees are being trained in transferrable skills
  • Employees covered under the grant must be full time (minimum 35 hrs. per week) permanent employees
  • Employee is paid at least twice Vermont minimum wage ($17.46) upon completion of training if no benefits are offered to employee. An adjustment of up to 30% ($12.22) for new hires and 20% ($13.97) for incumbent workers is made if employer offers three (3) of the following:

-Paid Vacation
-Dental Insurance
-Child Care Assistance
-Health Insurance w/ 50% or more premium paid by employer

-Paid Sick/Personal Time
-Retirement Contributions
-Paid Bonuses
-Vehicle Assistance (beyond mileage)

-Tuition Assistance
-Wellness Program
-Profit Sharing




What does VTP need from the company?
  • Contact the VTP staff for assistance in developing a customized proposal for funding to your employees training needs.  We will provide you with forms to map out a 6–12 month training plan with costs, timelines, curriculum outlines, and employee information.
  • Social Security numbers for workers receiving 16 hours or more total training
  • Minimum 50% cost-share of the overall training costs
  • Mid-point check-in meeting with VTP to review progress on the grant
  • Submission of an customer satisfaction survey upon completion of the grant

*Wage information as of January 1, 2014.

Beth Demers, Vermont Training Program Director