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Recent EB5 Projects:DR Power Equipment
DR Power Equipment | Vergennes, Vermont

Clay Brook at Sugarbush
Clay Brook at Sugarbush Resort | Warren, Vermont

Pump House Water Park at Jay Peak Resort
The Pump House at Jay Peak Resort | Jay, Vermont

The EB-5 Visa Investment Program - The Vermont Regional Center

The Vermont Regional Center, operated by the state’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development, provides foreign investors an attractive option for international investment through the EB-5 Visa Program.

The largely rural nature of our state means that nearly the entire state qualifies as a targeted employment area. The minimum investment requirement for projects in these designated areas is half the amount required in other areas – $500,000 US – making the program more accessible for potential investors.

Vermont understands the value of access. Our size and geographic location allows businesses easy access to community leaders, state officials, business resources, and to a market of over 80 million people within a few hundred miles. Access to resources and markets help our businesses succeed and create a stable economy.

Why investors choose Vermont
  • I-526 Approvals = Over 650
    I-829 Approvals = Over 280

    7 projects now have I-829 approvals. Less than 10 I-526 petitions denied – all due to source of funds or fraudulent information. None related to project.

    100% success rate for both I-526 and I-829s.

  • Easier access. Nearly the entire state is a Targeted Employment Area, thus reducing the required investment level by half to $500,000 U.S. funds. Additionally, investors only need to show indirect employment – 10 jobs created in the Regional Center economy – as a result of the investment, versus 10 direct jobs required in other areas.
  • State oversight.   The state Agency of Commerce and Community Development operates the Vermont Regional Center.   The Agency’s day to day involvement with the Vermont business community means we are well informed of business activity in the region and can ensure our projects are well qualified.
  • Stable economy. Vermont’s economy is comprised of a broad range of industries. This industry diversification results in a healthy economy, stable employment and a better ability to weather economic cycles.

The ACCD Vermont Regional Center projects have shown great success to investors with a 100% petition approval to date.

Eugene Fullam, Director, EB5 Vermont Regional Center