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Vermont’s cities and towns are infused with creative energy and potential – creative enterprises offer jobs, wealth and cultural engagement across the state.

‘Creative economy’ is a broad and inclusive sector of Vermont’s economy that spans arts, culture, business and technology. What unifies them is the ability to create and circulate intellectual capital with the potential to generate income, jobs and export earnings. Learn more about what makes Vermont a great place to create.

The Office of the Creative Economy (OCE) has prioritized five focal areas for support: Film and New Media, Advertising and Marketing, Games and Software Development, the Manufacturing Arts, and Arts and Cultural Organizations. The OCE supports Vermont’s world-class creative talent through networking, research, and technical assistanceLearn more about the work of the OCE.


  • Working to build a digital production alliance and directory. Contact the Office to learn more.
  • Recruiting young people to join our Youth Advisory Council. Learn more...
  • Developing a proposal to seed coworking spaces and accelerators. Learn more...
  • Lots more happening via our Tumblr blog. Take a look...

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Photos courtesy: (L) State of Vermont, (TR) Draker Energy, (BR) Iskra Print Collective